Ethereal and Romantic

sleep-by-your-side Sleep by your side 2.47 A Romantic Love Song beautifully sung

head-full-of-shadows Head Full of Shadows 3.37 Slow atmospheric with gentle build pulsing rhythm

Angels Voice Angels Voice 3.27 Haunting female vocals lush dramatic instruments

Eriskay Eriskay 3.08 Calm caring beautiful acapella voices building to a warm swell

Gentle Wood Gentle Wood 3.20 Surreal Marimba minimalism with synth pads and bell tones

Blue Deep Blue Deep 2.09 Wordless female vocals lush four-part harmonies pulsing beat

Love Hearts Love Hearts 2.02 Ethereal atmospheric and ambient evolving soundscapes

Fantastic Day Fantastic Day 2.03 Powerful harmonizing female vocals

Blue Bell Blue Bell 2.56 Marimba flutes whimsical medieval systems minimalist music 

Gentle Place Gentle Place 3.01 Laid back piano tune cool summer vibe

Tranquil Tranquil 1.47 Very light piano tune with orchestral backing

Concerto Concerto 2.37 Film score track with big lush strings and simple piano tune

Out in The Wild Out in The Wild 2.31 Cool and stylish with light conga beats throughout

The Other Side The Other Side 1.39 Innocence evocative atmospheric

Take it Easy Take it Easy 1.29 Minimalist dark and moody with hip male vocal sample

High on Hope High on Hope 1.09 Rhythmic dark track with a tuneful top line

Mist of Time  Mist of Time 1.15 Emotive stirring powerful strings and harp

Cross Fire Cross Fire 2.02 Spacey atmospheric dark slightly hypnotic feel

Thin Ice Thin Ice 2.25 Light ambient finger-picking electric guitar melodic arpeggios 

Road Ahead Road Ahead 1.37 Slow space style tracks female harmonizing vocals