Dramatic and Horror

Song of The Siren Song of The Siren 2.56 Spooky witches lament and her death bells

Spirit Machine Spirit Machine 3.12 Industrial monster sound machine

Ice Entity Ice Entity 3.17 Apocalyptic eerie end of the world deep tones 

Automania Automania 3.18 Disturbing backwards stings frightening sounds

Growl of the Haunted Growl of the Haunted 3.38 Dark heavy monster sounds

After Dark After Dark 2.18 Drone with haunting bells

Call of the Wild Call of the Wild 2.22 Boy choir big drums heavy synth sounds

Troubled Soul Troubled Soul 2.12 Deep pulsing rhythmic beat

Distant Time Distant Time 2.25 Atmospheric World News with a cool vibe

Wild Snap Wild Snap 2.13 Film score style track lush strings big drums driving beat

Impact on Earth Impact on Earth 2.45 Heavy pulsing beat with big drums dark overtones

Laser Sweeper  Laser Sweeper 2.14 Hard hitting current affairs style track with rhythmic beats

Make a Point Make a Point 1.52 Swirling  sounds big synth and drums

Mystery and Suspense Mystery and Suspense 2.58 Male Choir powerful Orchestra Taiko drums

Minute Symphony Minute Symphony 1.00 Orchestral Sweeps

Hit it Hard Hit it Hard 1.40 Fanfare World and Daily News Current Affairs

Dark as Night Dark as Night 1.38 Pulsing dark beat

Look Behind You Look Behind You 2.06 Monsters in the dead of Night

Thier Coming Their Coming 1.56 It’s time to leave

Foreboding Foreboding 1.09 Dramatic dark and supernatural

Get to the top Get to the top 2.19 Pulsing and sinister with piano strings big drums

Abandon all Hope Abandon all Hope 0.49 Drone with deep disturbing sounds

Harp and Piano Harp and Piano 1.15 Murder mystery TV Drama  track with haunting feel