Ambient Voices

Celtic Dreaming Celtic Dreaming 3:10 Ancient Gaelic Multi Part Solo Vocals Harp

Smoke Smoke 2:53 Mohican War Chant. Human Parrot Calls & Drums

Horror The Horror 3:20 Echoes, Whispers, Screams & Sighs. Chilling Score

Camper Van Camper Van 2:33 Summer Daze, Catchy Travelling Pop Song

French Detective French Detective 3:36 Haunting Harmonies, Melodic Sweeping Piano Theme

West Coast West Coast 3:15 Happy US Guitar/Vocs Pop 

Roundelay Roundelay 2:48 Acapella Voices Blended in a Round

Tribal Outfit Tribal Outfit 2:57 Mama Africa’s Tribal Dance Celebration

Cruisin Cruisin 3:15 Happy Clappy Hippy Kitsch

Buddica Buddica 2:40 Deep Beats, Chants & Classical Dynamics

Ocean Swell Ocean Swell 3:35 Soaring Operatic Voices Over Modern Orchestration

The Waltz The Waltz 3:28 Guitar Led Clannad Atmospherics

Ice Ice 3:00 Thrilling Voice Theatre – Crisp and Sharp

Bitz Bitz 2:50 Sombre Requiem Avant-Garde

Heat Heat 2:15 Light, Rolling, Safari Mood