Celtic Nations

Stone Ritual Stone Ritual 3.17 Original mixed mega choir bodhrans pipers ankle bells  

Glass Loch Glass Loch 3.23 Scottish Gaelic solo female voice overton wooden flute

Magic Forest  Magic Forest 3.32  Irish Gaelic traditional female voice chorus harp synths

Barren Hills Barren Hills 2.40 Original Uilleann pipes bodhran kittle & pipe snare synths

Delicate Air Delicate Air 3.26 Original trio of voices and harps

Lullaby Valley Lullaby Valley 2.51 Welsh traditional sextet overton wooden flute synths

Highland Lament Highland Lament  3.02  Scottish Gaelic female voice northern pipe overtons

Elfin Stream Elfin Stream 3.01 Original breath choir harps Iona stones chimes song birds

Island Romance Island Romance 2.59 Original choir fiddles guitar synths

Ho Down  Ho Down 2.13 Original solo fiddle bodhran snare drum synths

Banshee Squall Banshee Squall 2.41 Welsh original trio of voices harp synths

Techno Piper Techno Piper 2.33 Original solo galician bag pipes bodhran bass drum synths

Warrior March Warrior March 2.33 Original choir overtons flutes snare bodhran bass drum

Kestrel Flight Kestrel Flight 1.27 Original solo overton synths

Border Raid Border Raid 3.10 Scottish Gaelic choir synths

Errie Crags Errie Craggs 1.30 Original harps synths

Child’s Play Child’s Play 2.50 Welsh original & traditional soprano recorders bodhran

Witches Ceilidh Witches Ceilidh 2.47 Scottish Gaelic Puirt a beul mouth music

Milkmaids Lilt Milkmaids Lilt 3.06  Scottish Gaelic traditional & original choir synths

Fiddle Fast Fiddle Fast 1.40  Original  fiddle duet snare drum synths

Village Fair Village Fair  2.09  Original synths bodhran